Process Solution



  • Footprint  (4760x1630x2380) mm
  • Cleanroom class ISO 8 or higher
  • Integrated Ionizer for removes part dust off before entering clean area
  • Servo motor driven 3 axes handling system  gives full flexibility in load, unload and design of part storing positions
  • Touchless Contactless collision detection for part protection and reliable operation
  • 100% part traceability and inventory
  • Full unload flexibility (FiFo, freely configurable)
  • Batch or single part processing
  • Wide product range, usage for different products in parallel possible
  • Suitable for medical products
  • Capable of being integrated into an automated system
  • High reliability, minimum maintenance required
  • Storage capacity: 120 parts

The IMSTec End of Line Buffer Station is an automated system for storing processed parts at the end of a production line. Its main purpose is to maximize productivity by decoupling the automated process from the operator driven unloading process. It is equipped with a load position and two unload positions and capable of storing up to 120 parts. Inventory control with full traceability is achieved through integrated RFID reader.




IMSTec’s fully automated End of Line Buffer Station targets fast, safe and reliable storing of finished products before operator-controlled unloading. It serves as a buffer between the automatic production processes and the manual unload operation.  The load station with the integrated ionizer interfaces  to the automated process while the two unload stations are designed for manual unload upon request. Integrated traceability techniques ensure single part traceability as well as batch clearance and integrity control. The system can be adjusted to almost every type of product and fixture.